Our Capital Markets team consists of professionals with vast local and international experience in different financial operations and transactions in the debt markets (Debt Capital Markets), stock markets (Equity Capital Markets), project finance (Project Finance), securitizations, and structured products (Asset-Backed Securities), financial restructuring or processes involving the consent of creditors and institutional investors (Liability Management), and investments in businesses or private companies with high growth potential (Private Equity).

We provide advice and assistance in the structuring and primary placement of negotiable securities, including SME instruments (deferred payment checks, electronic checks, promissory notes, electronic credit invoices, and negotiable obligations under special regimes for SMEs) such as securitizations (Financial Trusts) or other channels for investment or financing (closed-end mutual funds).

  • Debt Capital Markets and Equity Capital Markets
  • Project Finance
  • Securitizations and structured products (Asset-Backed Securities)
  • Financial restructuring (Liability Management)
  • Investments in private businesses or companies with high growth potential (Private Equity)

We have a team specialized in SMEs that helps them to access financing under better terms than in the commercial or banking system:

  • Deferred payment checks and electronic checks
  • Promissory notes
  • Electronic Credit Invoice
  • Negotiable obligations under special management for SMEs
  • SME Financial Trusts
  • Common Investment Funds for productive development