Our Sales & Trading team aims to identify investment opportunities that fit the needs and objectives of our clients, as well as to execute them covering a wide range of financial assets for institutional, corporate, individual, and family office clients.

Our process of generating trading ideas arises from the analysis of fundamental, technical, and quantitative aspects of the markets, specializing in local assets where our presence allows us to find the best value opportunities.

Our trading desk provides attention and advice to optimize portfolio management, applying innovative technologies, with real-time information in all local and the main international markets.

We aspire to remain at the top of the technological knowledge applied to financial markets. To accomplish that goal, we combine discretionary strategies with the execution of operations and arbitrations through algorithmic trading and data analysis methods with Artificial Intelligence.

  • Purchase/sale operations for institutional clients
  • Transaction execution, settlement, and clearing (fixed income, equities, deferred payment checks, and SME instruments, futures, and options)
  • Distribution of mutual funds (traditional and alternative global assets)
  • Fundamental, technical, and quantitative analysis
  • Algorithmic trading
  • Assembly of structured products
  • Makers of financial derivatives market